Friday, September 18, 2009

Lemang Oh Lemang!

letih woo na bakar lemang.
rase cam bakar diri sendiri lak.
tapi na wat camne kan?
na cari rezeki lebeyh.
bak kate pepatah, nak seribu daya, ta na seribu dalih..
baju itam tuh aku, putih tuh besfren aku.
yang member aku sorang nie pown satu, time nie la na tgkp gamba nye.
sesiape yg ingin lemang kampung nye, masih sempat untuk tempahan.
kol je aku, 0175167720.
raye pown MAYBE jual ag.
area sitiawan, manjung dan sewaktu dengan nye, cari kami kat depan IPD manjung.
kat bus stop.
situ r port kami.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Raye nie na wat bisnes skit.
bisnes ape?
jual lemang daa.
kowt2 la kan leh menambahkan pendapatan skit.
jual kat ne?
area manjung n sitiawan.
so sesiapa yang berminat just give me a call okie. (0175167720)
tempahan boleh di terima.
no hal lar!
tapi lau leh cepat skit okie.
3 hari je jual.
insyaallah laku.
amin. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Helmet Kami

ok ta?
nie helmet aku ngan memember.
yang oren blah kanan helmet aku.
ala same jer semua.
cume kaler jer.
ader budak kelas aku ta puas ati lak pasal helmet aku nie.
asyik nak kutad jer.
dier ta sedar moto dier tuh cam moto keling.
bodow nye gemok.
sikit lagi naek tangan la jawab nye.
dah la gemok.
ta sedar diri.
bajet kurus.
lau boleh smua awek dier na sapu.
padahal awek2 smua na maen2 kn dier je.
sesape yg terasa dan ta puas ati jumpe saye okeh!


raye dh nk dekat..
teringin nak dengar takbir raye yang masyuk sangat..
nie gambar taun lepas ngan sedare-mare aku..
ta sabar na jumpe diaorg..
duit raye??
paham2 la kan..
so kepada sesiapa yang mengenali diriku, raye nie jemput r datang umah..
umah aku sentiase terbuka..
ok guys!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

About Ramdhan Again

Why Islamic Fasting Is Very Special

1. As compared to other diet plans, the Islaic fasting durinf the whole of Ramadan is very special, there is no malnutrition or inadequate calorie intake since there is no restriction on the type or amount of food intake during 'Iftaar or Sahur'

This was confirmed by M.M. Hussaini during Ramadan 1974 when he conducted dietary analysis of Muslim students at the Uinversity of North Dakota State University at Fargo. He concluded that calorie intake of Muslim students during fasting was a two thirds of NCR-RDA.

2. Fasting in Ramadan is voluntary undertaken. It is nor a prescribed imposition from a physician. In the hypothalamus part of the brain there is a center called "lipostat' which control the body mass. When severe and rapid weight loss is achieved by starvation diet, the center does not recognize this normal and, therefore re-program itself to cause weight gain rapidly once the person goes off the starvation diet.

So the only effective way of losing weight is slow, self-contraolled, and gradually weight loss by modifying our behavior and the attitute about eating while eliminating excess food

3. The fasting of Muslim in Ramadan is actrually an exercise in self discipline. For those who are heavy smoker or nibble food constantly, or drink coffee every hours, it is a good way to break the habit, hoping that the effect will continue after the month is over.

4. Psychological effect of ramadan fasting are also well observed by the description of eople who fast They desribe a feeling of inner pease and tranquility. The prophet has advised them." If one slanders you or aggresses against you, tell them I am fasting." Thus personal hostility during the month in minimal. Crime rate in muslim countries fall during this month

Fasting is Good for Certain Diseases, such as:-

1. Stress and tension
2. Diabetes but in certain cases where a patient has been taking insulin, they should not perform fasting
3. Hypertension.
4. Migraine
5. Overweight
6. Insomania, etc.

Fasting Gives Mental & Physical Awareness

As the body cleanses and heal itself through fasting, keener mental concentration and clearer spiritual perception develop. Remember the barin is the physical instrument of the mind. As the mucus and toxic wates are flushed from the barin cells through fasting, with it go the worries and frustrations from your mind. It become free and clear. Yourt memory becomes sharp and keen. Your creative powers are soon expanded.

Many non Muslim such as Buddihism, Hinduism, Christianity, etc aslo practice fasting because they know its power to detach on's mind form the world of sense and to sharpen one's sensibility to the world of spirit.

Let us do fasting together.


Monday, September 7, 2009


hey guys!
ramadhan has come!
so what did you guys thinking about bulan ramadhan?
all the Muslims must fast right?
happy because coming soon will be bulan syawal?! (raye la)
but that is not what I'm thinking.
i think the month of ramadhan is the greatest month of all because it has many miracles.
not all Muslims be fasting!
person who is ill should not fast!
excuse those who do not need to fast!
even women who are pregnant do not need to fast!
to anyone who says fast is tiring, you are right!
but we only fasting month.
not a year.
not forever.
only a month!
think those poor people.
there is no income to support life, living family.
and maybe, they have money to buy food everyday!
erm i just want to say puase, jangan tak puase.
okie everywant, leave your comment okie?

I'm new

so I'm muhammad syahril.
i stay in sitiawan, perak.
ouh, my age is 16 years old and still sigle.
erm i can speak in 2 languages: bahasa melayu
ouh, as well, I'msmokers, like to hang out with friends, like tosleeps haha, ermm eat a lot!
so thats me..
huh! still can writting.
but didn't no what am i going to say!
erm I'm not a friendly person, but have many friends.
and my friends are allSATU KEPALA
but if u treat me like your friends, trust me! I'll alwaysrgb(255, 0, 0); appreciate you.